In your company plans for the year, you may have allocated time for a corporate retreat for various departments. Team building activities are there to help boost the morale of the employees and to reward them for a job well done in the financial year. While the time and the intentions are clear, what may not be clear is the activities you intend for them to engage in this year. Repeating the same things year in year out shall have the opposite effect of what you aim to achieve with that time. This is why the idea of taking them for the NASCAR driving experience for the first time shall be an excellent idea.

They shall get to live through what it feels like to be a professional NASCAR driver for a race driving experience. These racing cars get to do some terrific and sometimes terrifying speeds around the track. Such an experience is guaranteed to change the lives of your employees. 

When planning for such an event, you shall come across several tracks across the country that cater to corporate entities for this request. They have different rates for different packages. You only need to contact them in advance to go over the details and agree on the packages and prices. This also gives them time to prepare the cars for use on that day, regarding safety and other concerns. They offer the option of your employees driving or being passengers to the professional drivers. 

When the day comes, your team shall go through everything a professional driver gets to do their job. That includes driving on the race track, staying in touch with the pit 
crew, and going through what is essentially a competitive race day.

Their packages earn you a few hours of driving. Each person shall get to pull their car through the tunnel and into the infield garage. Then there is the process of checking in, organizing all your gear, attending a short driving lecture and training class, and liaising with your pit crew. When your turn to drive comes, you shall receive notification to start your engine and go racing. This is when all the adrenaline and excitement shall take over. 

You will have all your racing timed, and those figures shall appear in the certificate you get at the end of it. Your team shall thus have proper memorabilia to take home with them. There shall be a photo session at some point in the day, to collect more souvenirs to display back at work, as a reminder of such a great day. Such an experience is guaranteed to have the entire department bussing with excitement until the next corporate events in Los Angeles.
The Best Idea for a Corporate Event: NASCAR Race Driving Experience